Things I'm Loving Right Now

I am a bargain shopper like no other! I can find deals everywhere and anywhere, and there is nothing I love more than finding that perfect shirt and then discovering its on sale! After Christmas, I took my gift cards and money and hit the malls! Yes, malls. Plural. I went to a different mall each day last week. Since it was after Christmas, all the stores where having incredible sales! I was in heaven! Here are some things I picked up and have worn multiple times in the past week because I love then so much!

{Elephant earrings. Charlotte Russe, $6.}
I adore these earrings. There were 3 pairs on earrings total, the gold ones shown above, silver elephants, and plain gold studs. I have worn this pair and the silver ones for the past week, switching between the colors based on my outfit. Great Purchase.But, it gets better, CH always offers a 2 for $8 deal on bracelets and earrings, so I really only paid 4 dollars for the elephant pack and got another pack of earrings that came with 8 pairs of earring, which included little gold bow studs.

{Black cardigan. Old Navy, $15.}
I have been looking for a simply, affordable cardigan that I could just throw over any outfit to keep warm and complete the look. I love that this cardy is loose especially in the front and doesn't have buttons. I also really like the length. I have worn leggings and a cute tank around my house with this over it and it is long enough that I would feel comfortable wearing that outfit out in public. I am funny when it comes to leggings. I wold never wear them as pants, but with a long enough top I would definitely be comfortable, and this cardigan is perfect for that. The weather has been so nice lately (and by nice I mean 40 degrees and no snow) that I have been able to wear just this. Last night, I paired this with the lace top (below) and it looked great!

{Relaxed lace top. Forever 21, $11.80}
I was looking at Forever's website before I went to the mall the other day and this top was under the Fabulous Finds tab and I had to have it! I have been searching for a dark, loose lace top for weeks! Every lace top I try on is very form fitting and usually has long sleeves. I love that this top has short sleeves, and more importantly, is slouchy. And it was the last one in the whole store! It was fate!

{Jeweled bib necklace. Homemade, $12}
Yes, folks. This was hand made by moi! I have always wanted a bib necklace, but I could never find one that I really liked as far as color, design, and most importantly price, go. I decided for New Years I was going to wear a loose fitting, but flattering, black top that is cinched on the side with my favorite skinny jeans and boots, and I wanted a great piece of jewelry to be the centerpiece of the outfit. I looked at all my favorite, plus some, and couldn't find something I liked, so I decided to make my own necklace. It was time consuming, but I love doing crafts so I enjoyed myself. I will be putting up a tutorial on how to make your own bib necklace very soon, and might even make another one tomorrow! My girlfriend wants to have an arts and crafts day tomorrow because she was so impressed by my handy work.

{Black boots. Wet Seal, $30.}
I have been searching for a pair of dressier black boots since last year. Every time I come across a possible candidate, I find a flaw. I am very picky when it comes to certain things, one of them being shoes. But I saw these, tried then on, and feel in love. I liked them so much, I even paid full price. But, how can I complain!? Thirty dollars for a great pair of boots is a steal!

{Navy blue Convertible bag. Stone Mountain, Christmas gift.}
I received this bag as a Christmas gift from my dad. I had no idea I was going to get it, but I loved it the moment I saw it and have used it ever since Christmas. It's the perfect size and although I personally would not have picked navy blue for myself, I love the color. It looks great with jeans! A fun aspect of this bag is that the strap is adjustable, so it can become a hobo or a shoulder bag in just seconds! Thanks Dad!

{Marc Jacobs zip around wallet. Christmas present.}
Ever since I started working at Cole Haan, I have had my eye on a zip around wallet, but I could never justify paying $54 for it, even with my employee discount. This was mostly because I was not in love with the wallet. So I never bought it, and then my girlfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her I had been looking for a wallet. I was so surprised and happy when I opened my presents to see this gorgeous wallet! I switched all my cards and money into it the second I got it! The silver is fun and the hearts are flirty and when I open my purse I can find my wallet right away! I love it! Thanks Ash!