Keeping Things the Same

So there has been a slight change in plans. I decided to continue to write fashion posts on this blog. At first, I really liked the idea of having one blog for personal posts and another blog for fashion related posts. But the more and more I thought about that idea, the less and less I liked it. I started to think about how some posts could be a combination of personal and fashion and that would just make things confusing. Plus, this is my very first blog, and while I would like to head in a new direction with my blog posts, I would feel like I was abandoning my baby if I were to create a new and separate blog. Lately, my passion for fashion has greatly outweighting anything else I want to focus on right now, but no matter what I write about, I would like everything in one place. Many of the blogs I follow have a great balance of personal and fashion blogs and being able to read about a variety of things on one blog is fun and refreshing. So, weather you are more of a fan of my personal posts or the fashion posts, they can all be found here!