How To: Make Your Own Bib Necklace

As promised, here are the directions on how to make your very own bib necklace!

What you"ll need:
~ Felt, any color of your choice
~Gems with holes so you can sew them on the felt, any colors you choose
~ A little sewing kit
~ Glue
~ Scissors
~ Ribbon
~ A piece of paper to trace out your template

The first step is to draw your template for the necklace. I just chose a simple design that was a pretty good size about 6in x 4in) so I could cover it with gems! In order to cut the felt and have the template stay in place, use as many pins as needed and poke them through the felt and paper template.

Once you have cut out the "bib" of your necklace, you may have to go back and smooth out any rough edges using your scissors.

Once the felt piece is just the way you want it, lay out the gems into a design you like. Once you have figured out a pattern, glue the gems down and let it dry for about a half hour before you begin sewing down the gems for extra security.

When you finish sewing the gems, which will undoubtedly be the longest and possibly the most frustrating part, you are almost done! The final step in completing you necklace is to sew on the ribbon to tie to necklace around your neck. I used a thing black velvet ribbon.

I hope you found this "How To" helpful! If you have any questions please leave a comment below and if you make your own bib necklace, I would love to see your design!