Enamored With Elmwood

The other day, three of my girlfriends and I went out to lunch at Olive Garden for the endless soup, salad and breadsticks lunch special. It was delicious as always and we had a great time! I laughed so hard and so many times it was my workout for the day. After stuffing ourselves to the brim, we headed over to Elmwood to stop at Clutch so Ashley could buy a new ring to replace the one she just lost.

She found the exact ring she was looking for but not in her size. (Don't you just hate when that happens?!) But she got it anyway and is going to tamper with it to make it fit. Clutch is a great store full of accessories . They have hundreds of earrings and necklaces that are displayed on huge board that is framed, which is perfect because each piece of jewelry found in Clutch is a piece of art. And the prices are fantastic! The earrings and rings are all around $10 and the necklaces are about $14. Clutch also has fun purses and clutches (go figure), as well and scarves and hats. Basically, any accessory you might need to complete an outfit or to find a fun, unique gift for that hard to shop for friend, you can find it at Clutch. I don't shop on Elmwood as much as I should, seeing as its not even 5 minutes from my apartment, but I am definitely going to start making appearances there more frequently.

One of my favorite shops on Elmwood is Spoiled Rotten. I made a quick stop in there just to look around at the all bright and fun kitchen and dinning accessories. Each mug and plate has a cute design on it that if purchased, you would never want to hide in a cupboard. They also sell a variety of Buffalo T-shirts, such as the I Heart Buffalo Hockey, I Heart Buffalo Football, etc. and other little Buffalo inspired knickknacks.

After leaving Spoiled Rotten, we were going to head back to the car when we walked by Penzeys Spices and decided on a whim to take a look inside. I always thought it would be a neat place to check out, but I had never taken the time to stop in. I immediately feel in love with the rustic cabin like feel and the beautiful wood shelves. The whole store was clean and so organized you could easily find what you are looking for (even as a first timer) and every spice comes in various sizes in glass containers. I think I smelled every spice in the store, and each one was so rich and delicious. I had no idea there was more than one type of cinnamon and that each one would smell so different. I ended up buying a little jar of China Cinnamon. It is on the spicier side, but it is my new favorite kind of cinnamon and I can't wait to bake something with it.

I think I lapped around the store at least 3 times and smelled everything twice before finally making it up to the register. I ended up buying the China Cinnamon and Hot Cocoa with a Hint of Mint, and decided whenever I need a spice, I am going to Penzeys! Out of all the places we went to on Elmwood that day, I would have to say Penzeys was my favorite. Probably because it was a new discovery and every part of the shop smelled delectable. I cannot wait until I find a new recipe to try out that requires a stop at Penzeys. Heck, maybe I'll just go and stock up on the most common spices just the have then around my kitchen. Plus, the glass jars would be a cute decoration, as well as a necessity!

Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera with my that day. I need to start remembering to bring it with me everywhere I go! So, I got these photos from here, here, and here.