Winter Break Goals

1.) Read as many books as possible. I haven't read a book leisurely since over the summer. I read so many books this past summer, but as soon as school comes around I just don't have time or would rather do other things with my spare time. So one goal during this winter break is to read as many books as possible, starting with finishing "Eat Pray Love."

2.) Hit the gym with Fredericka a few times a week. A new friend I made while working at Cole Haan has a membership to World Gym and is allowed to bring a buddy every time she goes for free. I have gone with her once already and we took as spinning class (I will never do that again, I just don't care for it.) She wants to go a lot as well, but likes to have a work out buddy, so I figured we can go together and get fit!

3.) Come up with New Year's Resolutions and stick with them. I am so bad about sticking with my resolutions, and I always have such good ones, its really a shame to not follow through with them. Maybe I will make a decorative picture with my New Year's Resolutions surrounded by things that inspire me for that extra boost of motivation, instead of writing them on a post it that will probably be thrown out at some point.

4.) Save money for my trip to NYC. I am planning on going to NYC to visit my best friend Ashley the first weekend in February. I have not seen Ash since I drove down to NYC with her and her dad to drop her and all of belonging off at her apartment. She is coming home on the 23rd of December and we were hoping to see each other that day, but with Christmas just 2 days away its not going to work out. So, we decided that on the 26th we are going to spend the whole day together! I cannot wait! Besides spending as much time as possible with Ash while she is home, my other goal is to buy my plane tickets and save up some Christmas money and work money from now until February so we can shop and eat and play when I go visit her! So let the saving begin!