Favorite Holiday Memories

1.) Having the family over and watching old, classic movies while dinner is cooking.
2. )Listening to stories told by my Grandpa about my dad and aunt when they was growing up.
3.) Random and hilarious dinner conversation.
4.) Uncle Eric playing with the boys electronic toys.
5.) Cinnamon barking at every little noise and Dan driving her crazy.
6.) My cousin Betsy and I always teaming up to do the dishes after dinner.
7.) My grandpa falling asleep on the couch right after dinner.
8.) Everyone being in a food coma for about an hour and then somehow managing to eat dessert.

I wouldn't say my family has holiday traditions, but these events seem to happen each year, so maybe they are our family's traditions. Either way they are lasting memories that I love to relive each Christmas. What are your favorite holiday memories and/or traditions?