'Tis the Season

Okay, so its not quite time to be dusting off the Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving hasn't even passed by yet, but something has got me in the holiday spirit very early this year. Normally I am one of the many people complaining that its too early for Wegman's to have their Christmas tree up for display in the lobby or for Star 102.5 to be playing "White Christmas," but this year I love seeing and hearing Christmas cheer. I was driving to work today and turned on the radio only to hear "Mr. Grinch." I immediately jumped in and sang along. It's November 17! I don't know what it it , but I am loving it! Also, I walked into work today to find subtle hints of holiday decorations that have completely inspired me for home decor for my apartment. I am so excited to get my paycheck this Friday so I can begin my Christmas decoration shopping and well as Christmas present shopping!
I am so excited about this holiday season that I have not been able to sleep, and instead have spent the past hour searching the Internet for good deals at Michael's and Jo-Ann's on decorations. Here are some ideas that have inspired me to brighten up my apartment for the holidays!

{Garlands draped over the windows and little side table with candles or pine cones mixed in}

{A large bouquet of Christmas berry stems in a tall clear vase}

{Candy canes in glass holders on the coffee table for guests to enjoy a sweet treat}

{Cute little trinkets placed throughout the apartment}

{Wooden letters that spell out words such as Noel and Peace & mini Christmas trees}