I've always known that I have a great group of friends, but sometimes they do little things that really make me feel blessed. Last night, for example, I had to take my first open book exam for an online Geography class I am taking. It was pretty difficult, even with the book and access to the internet right in front of me. I was having quite a bit of trouble and was reading a question to myself out loud (like I do sometimes when I have no idea what's going on), and then next thing I know my girlfriend Molly is reading me the answer that she found on the internet. I was so surprised that she just took the initiate to look that up for me and so thankful! She helped me for a bit longer until I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with the exam. Then a little while later, my other girlfriend Erin came home from dinner with her boyfriend, and we all took a break from homework to eat the bread sticks she brought home for us. We started chatting and Erin asked me what I was doing. I told her about my ridiculously hard exam and a minute later she grabs my book and a pencil and helps me find the answer! Thanks to my awesome girlfriends I got an A on that darn exam! Thanks girls!
Besides helping each other with homework, the girls and I are always doing fun things with one another and for one another. I don't think I have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner at my apartment in weeks. I will grab a granola bar to eat on the way to class, Molly and I meet at the corner to walk to campus together, she will invite me over to lunch, and then I will offer to make dinner, or vis versa. Its pretty great!
Last Friday was the best dinner I have had in awhile! Erin, Molly, Trina and I went to the Saigon Cafe on Elmwood. The food was great, people watching while sitting at our table outside was great, and the company was the best part! Enjoying a delicious dinner with my friends was a great way to unwind after a long week.
This week has been pretty busy and I cannot wait until the weekend gets here! Luckily, I don't have to wait very long, because tonight some of the girls and I are going to our bar, also known as Fathers! Then tomorrow, Friday night, we are all going to partake in our first bar crawl! It's the Save the Boobies Bar Crawl and a majority of the proceeds go towards Breast Cancer research! I am so excited about my first bar crawl! On Saturday, the girls and I will be going to the Market like we always do to grab some fresh produce and flowers, and that night we are going to Heenan's! This weekend is going to rock! And I get to enjoy every second of it with my friends! I better get my camera charged, I have a feeling this is going to be a memorable weekend! :)