10 Things That Are Going On In My Life

1. Classes began on August 23rd, so I have been diligently keeping up with my studies and learning new things.
2. My new roommate has officially moved in and cooks amazing dinners for our friends quite often.
3. I got another job right on campus that pays a great hourly wage.
4. I have been on health kick for a while that involves eating well and exercising. {I need to work on the exercising part a bit more :)}
5. I have discovered that Aldi is the cheapest place to grocery shop and I rave about my great finds all the time.
6. I also found out that there is a cute little market right down the street from me that I will be going to all the time to pick up fresh produce and people watch.
7. I have been seriously considering studying aboard in London next semester, and just the thought of it makes me so excited.
8. I have been doing a little clothes shopping here and there and my new favorite place to find great accent pieces for a bargin is Charlotte Russe.
9. A new "hobby" I have decided to take up is writing people letters and sending them in the mail. So far I have written my girlfriend who moved to NYC this summer a cute letter in a fun card I found at Michael's craft store.
10. I am looking forward to the next few months to see where it takes me, whether it be London, England or a few trips to NYC to visit a good friend, and what I can accomplish.