Wishful Thinking

Sometimes I get these urges to just pick up and go. I am anxious, feeling trapped, need a change, want to explore, and mostly just want to leave where I am and start over in NYC. I think about it every once in awhile. I google NYC and look and the beautiful images of Central Park and the skyscrapers and I just need to be there. I will search jobs in NYC on Craigslist and think about hoping on a train, finding a job and starting my life in NYC today, now, this second. But then I realize I am going to school right now and am tied into an apt lease for a year, and all those plans are crushed and I'm just left with the horrible anxious feeling all over again. Someday though, I will live in New York City. I will attend LIM next fall and get an incredible intership and then find a great job that I do love. I will no longer have to look at pictures of the city, I will be there and see everything with my own eyes. I will be starring up at the skyscrapers that are towering over me and love every second of it.