Midnight Premier!

Wednesday at 12:01am, the third installment of the Twilight Saga hit theatres! And yes, I was one of the many die hard fans that bought my ticket over a month ago and was at the midnight premier of Eclipse. I went with my former roommate, who is the biggest Twilight fan I have ever met, and the whole experience was amazing! We have not hung out since we both moved out of our old apartment so that made the night so much better! We went out for a late dinner at Red Robin and I got an incredible chicken sandwich! Then we decided to save some money and hit up Wegman's bulk section for some yummy snacks. I purchased watermelon sour gummies and licorice snaps, and I think it only cost me about 2 dollars for a big hand full of each candy! I love the bulk section! It was about 10:30 pm by that time we left the store so we headed to the theatre to get in line, knowing it was probably all the way out to the street by now. Surprisingly, when we got there the lines were not so bad, and we waited in line for maybe 5 minutes before we got in head in to sit down. This is when the anticipation set in. Lucky for me, I am content people watching, and that's what I did for about an hour and a half. Time flew by! I was surprised, but relieved. The movie started and it was great! I was very happy to see that this movie was very similar to the book. I loved every second of it, especially when Jacob would come on the screen shirtless! Yes, I am rooting for Team Jacob (even though I have read the books and know what happens). I just love him! My favorite line in the book and movie was, "Bella, you wouldn't have to change for me." I melted right then and there. He is just so great! And those abs! Holy cow! I definitely recommend this movie whether you have read the books or not. I will probably go see it at least one more time!
I found these shirts at Target about a month ago and I just had to buy one! Plus, they were on sale! Can you guess which one I got? :)