Just a Few Summer Goals

1. Become financially responsible. I am so bad with money. The phrase "Money burns a hole in my pocket" has never been more true in my case. I need to start saving and now! I need to start accumulating money in my savings account and not having to wait on my paychecks to have money. Plus, I have so many things I want to be able to do, but they all require money. Such as, going to NYC at least every other month starting in September because one of my best friends is moving there in August for school and I would like to visit her as much as possible and get to know the city seeing as I want to move there for school next fall. This goal is contingent on the rest of my goals so this is definitely my top priority, and I am sick of worrying about money so if I was just more careful about it I wouldn't have to stress about it.

2. By the end of the summer I would like to have my room in my new apartment all set up. I have this amazing idea in my head. I really want to have this room reflect me and be a place I love to hang out in. The first step is to repaint the walls a neutral color like a beige or tan. Then from there I will do little things like put up my pictures.

3. Before the school year starts, I would like to get wireless Internet for the apartment. As much as I love our new couch, it is a real pain in the butt to have to sit there and plug the cord into my computer every time I want to use the Internet. I believe its about $50 to install the router, which isn't bad, but I need to save up before I can get that installed (which goes back to goal #1).

4. Begin working out at least 3 times a week, then hopefully more often once I get a routine down. It's simple really. I have access to a free gym at my school, I just got a bike, my feet work so a walk or short jog is not out of the question, and I have two beautiful places I could run, walk, or bike. Delaware Park is only a few block from my house and it's so nice there, and Forest Lawn Cemetery is only three block away. I love Forest Lawn. it is so beautiful in there and so peaceful! Plus my girlfriends are always saying how they want to exercise too so we could all do it together!