Happy 4th of July!

Tonight, I went to see a firework show in my little home town with my girlfriend and it was so much fun! There were a ton of people and as we made our way through the crowd, my friend said something that I completely agreed with. She stated that she loves events where a bunch of people, or in this case a town, can come together to enjoy and share a common bond or experience. It was so funny that she said that because I have always felt that way. That is probably why the love going to fairs, art shows, concerts and sporting events so much. I love that feeling of togetherness, and with the added feeling of patriotism last night, watching the fireworks in one of my favorite parks with hundreds of people was the highlight of my day. The firework show was spectacular as usual. I am always surprised by how great the show is because its such a small town, but every year I'm very impressed. The finale is always my favorite part, a bunch of colors and sounds all happening at the same time! I just love it! When I really think about it, I just love the 4th of July! The weather is hot, there is always a picnic or five somewhere and there are fireworks! It doesn't get any better! I had a great time watching the fireworks tonight with my good girlfriend, and tomorrow will be great too! I am spending the day hanging out by the former roomies pool all day and snacking on chips and dip (my guilty pleasure), then we are heading down to the beach at night to watch some more fireworks and party! I cannot wait! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!