Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Quick, Easy, and Delicious Dinner

Since moving into my new apartment I have been cooking a lot! I love it! Cooking and baking are one of my favorite activities! The other day I made a yummy little meal meal that took no time at all! I used the ingredients above and not only was it so good, but it was so easy!
Here's what I did:
First, I filled up a pit about halfway with water and placed it on the stove on high to let the water boil. In the mean time, I took a head of broccoli and cut up the florets to a smaller size. I probably used about a half a cup of broccoli. I love broccoli so I was pretty generous. Once the water had boiled, I put about a cup of bow tie pasta in and let it cook about 8 to 10 minutes. i was just cooking for myself, so if you are cooking for more than one you may want to adjust the amount of pasta and broccoli. I don't have all the proper kitchen tools, so instead of steaming the broccoli, I just took the florets I cut up and placed them in a microwave safe bowl filled with water and throw it in the microwave for about three minutes. I like my broccoli a bit firmer, so depending on how you like it, keep it in for a longer or shorter time. After the pasta cooked I drained it and put it back in the pot with some oil so it wouldn't dry out. Then I dished out some pasta, put some broccoli on top, and sprinkled some Parmesan cheese over everything.
It was as easy as that, and it might be one of my new favorite recipes. I am having my girlfriend over this week for dinner and a show. We are going watch Pretty Little Liars, out new guilty pleasure! I think I am going to make this meal, but add some chicken to the mix!

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food and Friends

So, ever since I moved into my new apartment I have been hosting little breakfast get togethers whenever I can. I love cooking and having friends over, so... I thought why not do both at the same time!! The menu usually consists of pancakes (but not just any normal pancake, oh no no, chocolate chip pancakes!), eggs, occasionally toast, and today, we even had sausage to add to the mix! Breakfast food is so easy and quick to throw together, and even though hosting a little breakfast party about every week sounds expensive, everything I make is actually pretty cheap. Eggs are little over a dollar for a dozen, and at most, I use 6. Pancake mix is about 3 dollars, but I only use about one cup of mix. Plus, when I make breakfast, my girlfriends will make dinner and that is a pretty great trade!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a Few Summer Goals

1. Become financially responsible. I am so bad with money. The phrase "Money burns a hole in my pocket" has never been more true in my case. I need to start saving and now! I need to start accumulating money in my savings account and not having to wait on my paychecks to have money. Plus, I have so many things I want to be able to do, but they all require money. Such as, going to NYC at least every other month starting in September because one of my best friends is moving there in August for school and I would like to visit her as much as possible and get to know the city seeing as I want to move there for school next fall. This goal is contingent on the rest of my goals so this is definitely my top priority, and I am sick of worrying about money so if I was just more careful about it I wouldn't have to stress about it.

2. By the end of the summer I would like to have my room in my new apartment all set up. I have this amazing idea in my head. I really want to have this room reflect me and be a place I love to hang out in. The first step is to repaint the walls a neutral color like a beige or tan. Then from there I will do little things like put up my pictures.

3. Before the school year starts, I would like to get wireless Internet for the apartment. As much as I love our new couch, it is a real pain in the butt to have to sit there and plug the cord into my computer every time I want to use the Internet. I believe its about $50 to install the router, which isn't bad, but I need to save up before I can get that installed (which goes back to goal #1).

4. Begin working out at least 3 times a week, then hopefully more often once I get a routine down. It's simple really. I have access to a free gym at my school, I just got a bike, my feet work so a walk or short jog is not out of the question, and I have two beautiful places I could run, walk, or bike. Delaware Park is only a few block from my house and it's so nice there, and Forest Lawn Cemetery is only three block away. I love Forest Lawn. it is so beautiful in there and so peaceful! Plus my girlfriends are always saying how they want to exercise too so we could all do it together!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes I get these urges to just pick up and go. I am anxious, feeling trapped, need a change, want to explore, and mostly just want to leave where I am and start over in NYC. I think about it every once in awhile. I google NYC and look and the beautiful images of Central Park and the skyscrapers and I just need to be there. I will search jobs in NYC on Craigslist and think about hoping on a train, finding a job and starting my life in NYC today, now, this second. But then I realize I am going to school right now and am tied into an apt lease for a year, and all those plans are crushed and I'm just left with the horrible anxious feeling all over again. Someday though, I will live in New York City. I will attend LIM next fall and get an incredible intership and then find a great job that I do love. I will no longer have to look at pictures of the city, I will be there and see everything with my own eyes. I will be starring up at the skyscrapers that are towering over me and love every second of it.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Tonight, I went to see a firework show in my little home town with my girlfriend and it was so much fun! There were a ton of people and as we made our way through the crowd, my friend said something that I completely agreed with. She stated that she loves events where a bunch of people, or in this case a town, can come together to enjoy and share a common bond or experience. It was so funny that she said that because I have always felt that way. That is probably why the love going to fairs, art shows, concerts and sporting events so much. I love that feeling of togetherness, and with the added feeling of patriotism last night, watching the fireworks in one of my favorite parks with hundreds of people was the highlight of my day. The firework show was spectacular as usual. I am always surprised by how great the show is because its such a small town, but every year I'm very impressed. The finale is always my favorite part, a bunch of colors and sounds all happening at the same time! I just love it! When I really think about it, I just love the 4th of July! The weather is hot, there is always a picnic or five somewhere and there are fireworks! It doesn't get any better! I had a great time watching the fireworks tonight with my good girlfriend, and tomorrow will be great too! I am spending the day hanging out by the former roomies pool all day and snacking on chips and dip (my guilty pleasure), then we are heading down to the beach at night to watch some more fireworks and party! I cannot wait! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Midnight Premier!

Wednesday at 12:01am, the third installment of the Twilight Saga hit theatres! And yes, I was one of the many die hard fans that bought my ticket over a month ago and was at the midnight premier of Eclipse. I went with my former roommate, who is the biggest Twilight fan I have ever met, and the whole experience was amazing! We have not hung out since we both moved out of our old apartment so that made the night so much better! We went out for a late dinner at Red Robin and I got an incredible chicken sandwich! Then we decided to save some money and hit up Wegman's bulk section for some yummy snacks. I purchased watermelon sour gummies and licorice snaps, and I think it only cost me about 2 dollars for a big hand full of each candy! I love the bulk section! It was about 10:30 pm by that time we left the store so we headed to the theatre to get in line, knowing it was probably all the way out to the street by now. Surprisingly, when we got there the lines were not so bad, and we waited in line for maybe 5 minutes before we got in head in to sit down. This is when the anticipation set in. Lucky for me, I am content people watching, and that's what I did for about an hour and a half. Time flew by! I was surprised, but relieved. The movie started and it was great! I was very happy to see that this movie was very similar to the book. I loved every second of it, especially when Jacob would come on the screen shirtless! Yes, I am rooting for Team Jacob (even though I have read the books and know what happens). I just love him! My favorite line in the book and movie was, "Bella, you wouldn't have to change for me." I melted right then and there. He is just so great! And those abs! Holy cow! I definitely recommend this movie whether you have read the books or not. I will probably go see it at least one more time!
I found these shirts at Target about a month ago and I just had to buy one! Plus, they were on sale! Can you guess which one I got? :)

A New Approach

I recently found some new blogs that I have fallen in love with and they seem to all have something in common- each blogger will occasionally just have a short write up about there future plans, something fun they did that day, or just a little something on whatever it is that is on their mind with some pictures. I love reading those blogs! They are fun and cute and laid back. I noticed, after reading those blogs, that in my blog I usually write a lot and my topic is either about something really great or really terrible that is going on in my life. But why do I have to write about such extremes? What about everything in between? So, I have decided I am going to start writing some short, fun blogs, as well as, my long, intimate ones. :)