Sunny Sunday Afternoon

"I'm laying here dreaming, staring at the ceiling,
Wasting the day away..."
-Jewel, "Stay Here Forever"

I am in the mood to write. I don't really have anything in particular I want to blog about, I just want to write whatever comes to mind. :)
I have been sitting at the table in my apartment for a few hours now. I am listening to country music and just letting my mind wonder. I currently have Jewel "Stay Here Forever" on repeat. I love this song! It was the inspiration for this blog.
Well, not much has happen today. All my roommates are out and about, and I am just relaxing in the living room. The sun is streaming in the windows and lighting up our beautiful yellow walls. It brightens my day to see the sun and be reminded that Spring is on its way after all these months of snow and cold. Yesterday after work, I sat in our 'bowl chair' in front of the bay window and just soaked up the sun. It was so nice. I swear, things as simple as the sun shining when I wake up in the morning makes me so so happy. I feel like I can relax and not worry about things for the time being. I just take in moment of calm and enjoy the warmth of the sun.
I can't wait until all the snow is melted and the sun and a t-shirt is all I will need, and I can enjoy the sun everyday while sitting out on my patio. Spring, you can't get here soon enough!