I haven't blogged in 8 days! Normally, this would not phase me, but since I have been blogging like a fein lately, 8 days feels like a month!
Well, I have good reason to be MIA. I have been bedridden since Thursday. I woke up on Wednesday with no voice, and I thought, "Huh, this is weird. I feel fine, but have no voice." I went throughout my whole day feeling fine and doing everything I normally would do. Thursday morning, that was a different story. Not only did I wake up with no voice, I was also shaky, achy, had a terrible headache, hot then cold. Basically, I was a mess. I laid in bed all day Thursday (luckily my art history class was cancelled), and ended up going home to my Dad's for some TLC. Even though I was so sick, it was really nice to be home and just relax. I honestly laid in my bed or on the couch for four days, and slept for about 18 hours of each day. It was ridiculous, I felt so lazy! But it was what I needed to feel better. I read some a book I have been picking up here and there called The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Young. It's a very good book, I just can't find the time to read with classes and everything. I also watched more movies in those four days than I have in probably two months! When I wasn't sleeping, I was laying down watching a movie. Alittle R&R was all I needed to feel better, along with a few dozen movies, my dad, and of course an entire bottle of NyQuil! :)
Just for fun, let's see if I can name all the movies I watched.
-Couples Retreat- very funny!
-Valentine's Day- great movie, but I wanted to punch Taylor Swift for being so annoying, and I even like her music, so that's saying something about her character.
-Starstruck- new Disney channel movie. It was so cute!
-Mission Impossible 3- Tom Cruise is gorgeous.
-Rambo- my dad had control of the clicker-enough said.
-Peter Pan- childhood favorite.
-Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland-it just makes me wish Neverland was real, and yes I am going to be 21 in 2 weeks.
-The Fox and the Hound- saddest movie I may have ever seen.
-The Fox and the Hound 2- ehh, it was okay.
-Holiday in the Sun-I went back to my youth and MK&A days. I loved them!
and probably about 5 more I can't think of!
I am a movie junkie what can I say. :)
On Thursday, when I first started to get sick, I laid in bed and when I wasn't watching Disney movies or sleeping, I was sprucing up my blog. You may have noticed the snazzy background I found. Isn't it so cute!? I love it! It's very vintage/Victorian era.
Well, that's all the rambling I can think of for now! Until next time!