Fall Favorites

Last night, I was curled up on the couch with my peach green tea and my favorite blanket watching my favorite TV show, Gossip Girl, (I'm addicted, what can I say) and as I was sitting there, I realized how great it was. I was doing the simplest of things. Just drinking tea on a fall day. Then I started thinking about all the other simple things that I love about Fall.
I love when I come home to my apartment and find little gifts my mom has left for me, especially when the gift is homemade snickerdoodles. :) I love walking down the sidewalk with the colorful fall leaves cascading to the ground around me. I love the smell of leaves. I love hot cocoa on a chilly night. I love being covered by layers upon layers in blankets. I love when the temperature is just right and you can throw on your favorite sweatshirt and just walk outside. I love taking long drives into the country and seeing the mountains and valleys with tree that look like a painting. Reds, yellows, oranges. Those colors never look more beautiful together than on a perfect fall day.
Next to Summer, Fall is my favorite season. The sun is shining and leaves are crunching under your shoes while walking down Elmwood with a great friend. it just doesn't get much better than loving the simple things in life, such as a fall day.