I finally feel like an adult

I love days when I don't have anything to do and the sun is shining! Like today for instance. I got to sleep in, which is always nice especially when I have to wake up early during the week for classes, and then I just relaxed for a bit before going to the men's soccer game- they kicked butt by the way! Now I am relaxing once again, waiting for the Bills game to begin! Lets go Buffalo! I'm sitting in my favorite chair listening to music in my apartment. Yes, my apartment!!! I moved into the apartment a week after school started. It was so unexpected! The girls that lived here before me needed a fifth roomie, thats right there are five of us girls, so they asked me! Of course, I was so excited and started moving in the next day! So far it has been so much fun! The apartment is adorable, the girls are awesome and school is going great! Not only is everything just incredible, but I feel incredible. I feel grown up and responsible and independent. I am working a few days a week and saving up my paychecks to pay for rent. To me its empowering. I am sustaining my living arrangements on my own. I recently opened a checking account and I already have enough money to pay for next months rent and then some! That is a great feeling to know I am on mark with my money and rent and not worrying how I am going to make ends meet! Granted my family would help me if I needed it, but its good to know I am not burdening my dad with having to pay extra of expenses. Plus, I am learning how to be careful with my money and I am not wasting it on frivolous things.
Well, the Bills game is about to start and then I have some studying to do, so I better get a move on. :)