What Friends Are For

So, yesterday I did a lot of running around. I got my oil changed, went to the store to pick up brownie mix, and made homemade veggie stir fry with white rice! Yum! But in the midst of all my running around, I was really looking forward to later that night! My best friend since freshman year of high school and I were going to hang out! My BFF Megan/Megz/Maggels and I have always been there for each other. Of course, we have had our fights, well, actually only one fight, which I think is pretty awesome. I mean to be friends with someone for almost 6 years and only have one fight, that just shows how compatible we are and how well we get along. I guess I never really thought of that until now. :)
Megan and I have gone through a lot together. We matured together, shared our dreams and accomplishments together, survived high school together, but now that we are both off at college its hard for us to find time to hang out. When we do get a chance to see one another, we just pick up right where we left off. Its like we were hanging out the day before, when really there have been times when we haven't hung out for 2 or 3 months. Crazy, I know!
Now that Megan and I are in college and doing our own thing, it is so much fun to see her and catch up on each others lives! But half of the time we just act like complete goofballs! Like when we decided to have our own photo shoot in Meg's backyard and took some ridiculous photos! It was a blast! We always have a great time together and can make each other laugh so hard to the point wear Megan snorts and I can barely breathe.
Megan and I share so much in common and we even look alike that people always mistake us to be sisters. The funny thing is though, we pretty much are sisters. That is how I have always felt.
Megan was there for me when my mother and I were going through our rough patch. She would do my make up and hair when we would go out. We would go see kids movies together like Over the Hedge and even High School Musical 3. I will never forget the times we had together, and I know she won't either. We are both busy and working on our future, so we don't have a lot of time to see eachother, but I hope that changes because Megan is the sister I have always wanted and I don't want to lose her just because we are both busy.
I love ya Megz and I miss you! Thank you for being a great friend to me! I hope I have been as good a friend to you! The picture below is of Megan and my senior prom. I love this picture so much!