It's the Little Things

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you stop and think, "My life is perfect"? Well, I have had that epiphany, if you will, before, but it came over me once again the other day.
I was in Syracuse for the weekend with all my friends from college to visit our amazing friend Molly! We are all so close that we are like family, and I can't imagine where I would be without them!
We left for our incredible adventure on Friday morning. We packed up our duffel bags, stopped at Tim Horton's, and we were on our way! There were quite a few of us so we had to take two cars. Eric drove my car and Missy and I sat in the back seat listening to music and reading Cosmo. Eric had quite a lesson on beauty, health, and of course women's best friend, her period. Joe and Emily drove in the other car. The fun began as soon as we hit the highway. Joe would drive right up next to us and we would make funny faces and take pictures!
Before heading straight to Syracuse, which is only about 3 hours away, we made a not-so-quick detour to Bath, NY. That is where Eric lives and he wanted to stop in and see his family since he has been living at school all summer taking classes. We got to Bath around 1:30. The rest of us have never been to Bath before so we didn't know what to expect.Well... It was adorable! It was such a cute little town! After meeting Eric's grandparents (the cutest people in the world), we stopped at Arby's for lunch. I had the most delicious sandwich. It was a turkey bacon club with a mandarin peach iced tea, which would have been very good except that it tasted just like peach schnapps mixed with tea and I didn't care for it very much.
Around 3:30, we were back on the road. Missy and I were pretty tired at this point, even though all you do is sit on a road trip, it makes you so tired. Maybe it's because your muscles are not working and your body just isn't exerting any energy so it gets tired. That's my theory at least.
Finally around 6 o'clock, we had made it to Molly's house! We walked in to the smell of homemade pasta and a view that I fell in love with.

I knew Molly lived on the lake, but I had no idea how beautiful it would be! We ate Molly's delicious dinner and went onto her dock to take in all the fresh air and beauty. We did some fishing and the girls and I went paddle boating! It was quite an adventure! There were five of us in this little paddle boat, Molly, her sweet as pie friend from high school, Casey, Missy, Emily and myself. The boat could not be steered for the life of us and it would only go anywhere when we paddled backwards, but when we did that, the back would flood and the girls sitting in back would get soaked. But it was a great time! Once the sun set, the drinking festivities began! There was beer pong, of course!, and King's Cup. Even a few of Molly's good friend's stopped by to join. After a long, exciting day, we were all pretty wiped out and went to bed early.
On Saturday, after eating breakfast and saying goodbye to Joe, who had to head home, we went to Molly's family cottage on Lake Ontario about an hour from her house. It was a perfect day, which made it all the more wonderful because it was supposed to storm. When
we first arrived, we were all introduced to Molly's family, who were very kind and welcoming. After we all went onto the dock to soak up the sun. Some of us went kayaking, and some of the kayakers pulled people around in water tubes. That was one of my favorite parts of the day! At one point Eric was kayaking and the four of us girl were all attached to a rope and
being carted along. It was so fun! Molly's grandpa took us for a ride on his boat. At first glance you would never think it was made for speed, but that boat was fast! Once we got back to shore, we went right back in the water. We made friends with the neighbor's who invited us to come hang out with them on their various water tubes. This was my absolute favorite part of the day! We laid floating in the water for what seemed like hours and it was so much fun and so peaceful. Surrounded by my friends and the beautiful Lake Ontario, it hit me. My life is perfect! And wonderful, amazing, incredible, I could go on forever. It's moments when you are doing the simplest of things that you realize how wonder your life is and how blessed you truly are. I will never forget that weekend and I will always cherish my memories there.

Around 7, it began to sprinkle so we made our way to shore and ate dinner. Everything was delicious! There was grilled chicken and corn on the cob and the best couscous I have ever tasted! We ate everything, cleaned up and then our other two great friends from school, Sean and Liz, arrived! Shortly after their arrival, we decided to head back to Molly's house because a storm was headed our way. We made it back to Molly's house around 10.
The best thing about warn days are the warm nights. We sat in Molly's "screen room," where we could feel the breeze and hear the waves without being attacked by mosquitoes and reminisced about the day before going to bed. But the fun didn't end there, we still had all day Sunday!
Sunday morning we woke up and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. I guess that's what fresh lake air will do to a person. We started off the morning with an Egg Off! Sean and I had challenged each other to an egg duel weeks ago because whenever Molly would come stay with me, she would rave about how good my scrambled eggs were. In the end, it was a tie. I had made the simple, original version, while Sean went crazy with spices and hot sauce (it doesn't sound very good, but to my surprise they were great!). So Sean's recipe was unique, while my eggs were fluffy and moist.

After our delicious breakfast, we all got ready for the day, sat on the porch and looked out over the lake before we set off on our next adventure. We decided to go to Dinosaur BBQ! I had never been there so I was very excited because Molly had told us it was pretty famous for their pork. Plus I love to eat out! Dino BBQ was so busy when we got there and it was one in the afternoon! The inside of the restaurant was so vibrant and fun. There were murals on the walls and signatures every where from people who wrote their name on the wall. I left my mark too! When we were finally seated we were all so hungry. Everything on the menu looked and sounded so delicious. I ended up getting a pulled pork sandwich with mashed potatoes and homemade mac n cheese. It was amazing! I can't wait to go back!
After we all stuffed out faces, we headed over the mall to see The Ugly Truth. The show didn't start until 4 so the girls and I did some shopping! I immediately went to H&M! I found a rhinestone bow necklace for about 4 bucks and an awesome pair of purple rimmed aviators! I wear them everyday! Then it was time to see the movie! It was hilarious! We all laughed so hard! Katherine Heigl was brilliant, and Gerard Butler was great too! He did a great job. I was surprised because the last film I saw him in was P.S. I Love You. A very different part from the one in The Ugly Truth. It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Once the movie ended it was time to so goodbye to Molly and to Syracuse. Everyone hugged and said their goodbyes and then we were back on the road homeward bound.
That was definitely the best weekend of the entire summer and I can't wait for next summer when we can go again! But I don't want to rush things because will still have all school year to make plenty more lasting memories!