This is a very personal subject, but I am sure it is a topic that a lot of people deal with: relationships. I have been seeing my boyfriend for ten months now and he is a great guy. Unfortunately, lately our relationship has not been so great. For the past two months things have been very rocky. We have been arguing a lot and just the other night things were the worse I have ever seen them. Things were said that were hurtful, tears were shed and I was sure we were over. After letting things cool down for a day or so, I called him. To my complete surprise, my boyfriend still wanted to be together and work things out. This time around I really want to do things right, so I am doing my research. I found a great article on how to maintain a healthy relationship. There were parts of the article really hit the nail on the head when it comes to what I need to work on, which is understanding that you cannot always expect the other person to see things your way. I have a hard time remembering that just because my boyfriend and I are together does mean we are the exact same person. I have a lot of ideas and opinions on how things should be. Lets just put is this way, I am the oldest and only daughter of four. Being the only daughter and the oldest made me princess of the household, and I hate to admit it, but I sometimes still am and do take advantage.(I am not proud of this and am truly working on it.) The point is, because of this I expect things to always go my way. I have to remember there are two people in this relationship, it's not just me. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't throw tantrums if we do not go see the movie I want. We are very good at compromising. I guess the issue is that I expect to be a top priority a lot of the time and when I'm not, that is when the problems start. That sounds so terrible when put like that, but this is my understanding of being loved and cared for. Growing up if I wanted something, I got it, and to me that was my parents showing me that they loved me.
So, this short and sweet article really helped because even though a lot of the keys to the healthy relationship are no brainers, sometimes people just need a reminder in order to get back on track. :)

Thanks for listening!

Here is the link to the article. Enjoy!