Day One

So, this is my first time ever blogging, but I'm pretty excited.
Yesterday was my last day of classes, which is very exciting because that means I survived my first year of college!!! But I can't get ahead of myself because I still have three exams next week. Luckily, two of the exams are take home essay and the other one is open book so thats not too bad.
Now to the exciting part about yesterday! It was Quad Party! Quad party is celebrated on the last day of class when students wake up and start drinking. There is also a mini carnival with bounce houses and tons of free carnival food like funnel cakes!!!! The carnival was my favorite part, as well as hanging out with all my fabulous friends!! I can't wait until the picture are posted on Facebook. I'll be sure to post some with this blog as well. :)

This is a majority of our group of friends.
From left to right: Erin, Me, Missy, Molly, Sean & Liz